En blogg från Högskolan i Borås
Här bloggar Högskolan i Borås studenter från världens alla hörn. Några är utbytesstudenter, några göra sina uppsatser och ex-jobb och några gör praktik utomlands. Följ dem under deras resor och läs om deras möten med nya människor och nya kulturer.


Kenya - Murang´a college

On the 2nd of september I´m off to Kenya. It was supposed to be 3 months, but the Ministry of Education has now said that term time is from the begginng of september to the 2nd of november!! Agneta and Esther (from the Kenyan college) are trying to work out what I will do for the last month of my stay. What ever it is I´m sure it will be interesting!!
  Took 2 shots last night (yellow fever was one) and some drink shot to stay off typhoid fever. Malaria tablets will be started tonight, not that I´m nervous or anything, but the way the doctoer was talking it seems like there is a pandoras box waiting for me in Kenya!!